PhD Students (Graduated)

PhD Students (Working)

MS/MBA Students

  • Piaoping Jiang – 2019

  • Mathew Perez – 2019

  • Neha Irrinki – 2018

  • Aashish Kumar – 2018

  • Wei-Hsiang Huang – 2017

  • Nitin Verma – 2016

  • Ruy Manrique-Betanzo – 2014

  • Tomas McCandless – 2014

  • Heath Vinicombe – 2013

  • Madhura Parikh – 2013

Interested in applying for PhD?

Both Goizueta Business School @Emory and Heinz @CMU are highly reputed in each of their diversified research areas (including information systems and management) and houses the some of the most amazing and wonderful faculty. If you are interested in research or planning to apply to a graduate program, I would seriously recommend diving deeper and fascinating yourself.

Interested in Research/Teaching Assistant Opportunity?

  • I have some grant funding available for (graduate) students with expertise in Python, R, Matlab, and/or Android SDK.

  • Some support available for an economics PhD student with strong empirical analysis skills.

  • If you are interested in a position, please send me a very specific (yet short) cover letter with your experiences.

  • If you are interested in pursuing doctoral program, please contact me only if you have strong programming skills and are willing to learn/develop/execute statistical, economic, and machine learning methods.